The Truth Behind: Spend Money to Earn Money

Did you ever believe that you can make money online without spending money or for free without doing anything?

Claims like “I made $1,000 in one day while doing nothing at home” or “I made $1,000 in one night without spending a single dime” have been catching my attention for so many times before. This is one of the reasons that gave me motivation to earn money online but it’s not that I believe the claims.

As my observation is concerned, the truth behind this claims are 90% NOT TRUE but 10% TRUE. Maybe we can earn a couple of dimes like $1 a night or two, this is possible with those PPC networks or the ever popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But if we really want to earn big amounts and figures I believe that this would cost us spending maybe a little or more bucks from our pockets.

Just by blogging alone, maybe there are hosted platforms that we can use but as of now, based on the trends that mostly people do, they rarely visit sites that has a or extensions rather they go to those sites that owns legitimate domains like This is why we pay for hosting packages and buy the domain name. This is not for free, we have to purchase this so we can own a domain.

We can earn through Google AdSense and it is for Free. Yes this is true, Google AdSense is free and you earn incentives for having visitors and the one’s who click and purchase the items listed on the ads but as what I said people are likely visiting those self-hosted sites rather than the free hosted platforms. So more visitors on those self-hosted sites and this means bigger incentives, better order a hosting package and buy a domain name.

Affiliate Marketing requires self-hosted sites. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn with blogging and Affiliate Marketing requires Self-Hosted site, so again spend a few bucks for the hosting.

Tip: ” Consult to forums before engaging to some online business, or do a profile check to people inviting you to engage business with them”.

This article that I made is based from my observations, If you think I missed or mentioned something wrong, kindly write comments so I can make immediate actions.

6 thoughts on “The Truth Behind: Spend Money to Earn Money

  1. It depends. Most likely you’ll need to spend money, even if it’s to get information and learn what it takes to make money online. Most people don’t know how or don’t know where to begin, so spending money to obtain that information is what most do. Of course, there are always forums where you can find a lot of free and solid information. The problem with that, however, is putting the pieces together into a plan of action.

    Great article, JP. 🙂
    .-= Alan Mater´s last blog ..Flip Switch Profits Review – A Realistic Way To Make Money Online? =-.

  2. Yes, forum is the best help because lots of proofs from people can be obtained there. Thanks for the additional informations Alan.

  3. Too often people lose hope looking for that one magic bullet instead of thinking about online marketing as a business. Yes, there are ways to earn money online without spending a lot of your own money upfront. The tradeoff is, if you don’t have a lot of cash to invest you have to invest your time. It’s not free or just pushing the easy button, but with persistence and a plan it definitely works.
    Sean Donahoe´s last blog post ..Sean Donahoe – Meet The Manic Marketer Behind Video Marketing Goldmine

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