Backlink Quality; How Much are you Getting?

"Backlink Quality; How Much are you Getting?"

Tweet Apologies for being too late with my new update, I have been very busy with my job as a part of an SEO group doing new extensive projects that requires a hell lot of work! For today, I want to discuss about the quality of links that we are getting and are about to […]

Branding Effectively (an Update of my Previous Post)

"Branding Effectively (an Update of my Previous Post)"

Tweet In my previous post “A Simple Tip for Choosing a Domain Name“, I mentioned ways on how to choose a domain name. I actually forgot to mention Branding, in which this tip is not applicable in some ways. A comment from Lee Ka Hoong of MyBlog2Day opened this topic which I am really thankful […]

A Simple Tip for Choosing a Domain Name

"A Simple Tip for Choosing a Domain Name"

Tweet I remember last year when I was planning for my blog, choosing a domain name really sucks up time that you have to spend a day or two to think whats the best for my blog. It’s not easy to choose and think a domain name, almost all of the words that you can […]

Make Money Online Tips from the Best Sources

"Make Money Online Tips from the Best Sources"

Tweet Making money online is getting popular nowadays. It plays around the ears of many when they know they can make even more money while staying at home, but it doesn’t mean making money online is easy knowing that you are staying at home only. Blogging, online jobs, Internet Marketing, those are the most popular […]

How to be a Helpful Commentator

"How to be a Helpful Commentator"

Tweet Commenting is not just leaving a simple statement saying “Hi” or “Nice article, thanks”. To tell you that’s not a comment and it’s not helping at all, you are a spammer (lol). From the word itself “Comment” – A statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information. There are lots of […]

Work at Home Limits and Boundaries

"Work at Home Limits and Boundaries"

Tweet There are too many challenges when working at home. Maybe others can say working outside home has more advantage but to tell you it’s just a little, just a slight advantage. Working outside home can be more productive – Yes it’s true, but do you think working at home can’t be productive as that? […]

Long-term Keywords and Short-Term Keywords

"Long-term Keywords and Short-Term Keywords"

Tweet Choosing the right keyword for a blog is one of the most crucial part. Keywords target audience and in order to get more traffic we should use the keyword that people are going to search in the search engines, or in other words a shortcut of invitation to our blog. Now, lets focus on […]