Digital Photography : Which is Better/Best?

"Digital Photography : Which is Better/Best?"

Tweet One of the most common questions about camera’s particularly DSLR’s is the brand. Canon vs. Nikon – which one is better/best? Both company are big ones whom took lead, make their own way and jump start from film camera’s to digital compact cams and DSLR’s. Since they we’re the first in the market, their […]


Gadgets! HP Touchsmart 310

"Gadgets! HP Touchsmart 310"

Tweet HP TouchSmart 310 AIO PC Featuring Touchsmart Software HP has unveiled the impressive and appealing HP TouchSmart All-In-One Desktop PC. This PC features the most advanced version of HP’s Touchsmart Software to date. This compact AIO PC also features enhanced multi-touch technology that allows people to access and interact with their photos, videos, music […]


Gadgets! Nokia C3

"Gadgets! Nokia C3"

Tweet I guess its OK to go out of topic sometimes, haven’t played with my Cam for a while but I think gadgets could also be a good topic. I was at school one time and I heard peeps talking about the Nokia C3. Its the Latest and Cheapest QWERTY handset of Nokia, well, as […]


Digital Photography : Photoshop

"Digital Photography : Photoshop"

Tweet Sometimes taking pictures in a crowded place is hard. We cant ask them to leave a place for a while so that we can take pictures right? So what I did is just leave them alone, take those pictures with them in it and leave it to your photo editing software. It’s simple if […]


Digital Photography: Window

"Digital Photography: Window"

Tweet As a beginner, a newbie perhaps, I always come to a time specially when taking pictures that I’m utterly confused and puzzled. Not until I found an article talking teaching digital photography. I’m really confused about ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Imagine yourself in a room looking through a window. the size of the […]

Digital Photography

"Digital Photography"

Tweet For some reason, photography has become a “hobby of many”. A lot of folks brings out their digi-cams, SLR’s and DSLR’s and set out to take good shots! SLR’s & DSLR’s took a big change of how photography works. With their big & bulky physical appearance, one could already perceive how great that camera […]

SSS of Making Money Online

"SSS of Making Money Online"

Tweet It’s not Social Security System as we know it; it’s my idea of telling people, especially the new bloggers out there that there are ways for a blog to be known to people and its target readers. Consequently, keyword research is the foundation to making money online, we all know that as well, but […]