Jackie Robinson

"Jackie Robinson"

Tweet Today, MLB or Major League Baseball is commemorating Jackie Robinson Day, it has been 65 years after Robinsoncracked the color barrier in professional baseball. All coaches and players is going to wear Robinson’s number 42 today. I actually cannot inform you anything you do not already find out about Jackie Robinson. Probably none of […]

CC Sabathia

NY Yankees Finish Boston Red Sox Miseries with Sabathia on the Go

"NY Yankees Finish Boston Red Sox Miseries with Sabathia on the Go"

Tweet The New York Yankees will start a three-game sequence at Fenway Park on Tuesday night with first place in the AL East on the line and with CC Sabathia on the heap. The Yankees usually like their opportunities with the big lefthander on the hill, although Sabathia is 0-4 with a 7.20 ERA in […]


Mariners Gets 16th Straight Loss from Yankees

"Mariners Gets 16th Straight Loss from Yankees"

Tweet Conan O’Brien’s show was blaring on the TVs in the visitors’ clubhouse after another loss, but there was small laughter.  The late night host could take heart, however. There is just one thing that could lift the Mariners’ mood right now. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira each homered and drove in three runs, Freddy […]

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Gets Knee Surgery After a Meniscus Tear

"Alex Rodriguez Gets Knee Surgery After a Meniscus Tear"

Tweet The news discouraged the laggards in the Yankee clubhouse who had not previously ran out the door to the All-Star break. Alex Rodriguez requires surgery on his sore right knee. He will undertake an arthroscopic process today at the University of Miami to repair a small tear of his meniscus.  Rodriguez will miss from four […]

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is Back for 3,000

"Derek Jeter is Back for 3,000"

Tweet The New York Yankees did not get a hit until the seventh inning.  Derek Jeter is still coming up. The Yankees shortstop and his quest for 3,000 strikes were back after a 20-day hiatus, yet Cleveland Indians pitcher Josh Tomlin kept Jeter six hits away and the Yankees at bay for most of the night […]

Derek Jeter Gets Right Calf Strain

"Derek Jeter Gets Right Calf Strain"

Tweet After five innings after damaging Derek Jeter right calf, he presently strikes shy of 3,000 for his career, left the New York Yankees-Cleveland Indians game Monday. An MRI exam exposed a Grade 1 injure of the calf muscle. A Grade 1 injure is measured the least harsh on a 1 to 3 scale.  The group […]