DSLR: Lens Everybody Should Have!

"DSLR: Lens Everybody Should Have!"

Tweet Hi! been really busy lately to some school activities and work related matters. Anyway, I met a highschool friend, haven’t seen him for a while. Saw him on a Van ride from a Mall down to my hometown. It was a one hour ride and that one full hour of ride taught me a […]


DSLR Photography: Lens Effect

"DSLR Photography: Lens Effect"

Tweet It’s late night, just came from work and still not sleepy, so I decided to post a new article on Beginners Guide to Photography. Its true that pictures when photoshoped or edited is amusing, awesome and looks so vibrant when it comes to color and effect. But, raw images, who we’re shot with no […]


DSLR Photography: White Balance

"DSLR Photography: White Balance"

Tweet Waking up in a cloudy day, so cold, with scattered showering around the place makes me want to sleep more, but the need to work drives us to stand up, stretch and keep working, sigh. Anyway, I’ve found another beginners guide to DSLR photography. This is quite simple and easy to understand. More or […]

Digital Photography: Playing with Shutter Speed

"Digital Photography: Playing with Shutter Speed"

Tweet Hi guys, been so busy at school, I’m heading a group of graduating students wherein we are responsible for the students yearbook, so I wasn’t able to post new updates and articles. Nevertheless, I still had time to play with my DSLR. One time I was at a overpass, I brought a Tripod with […]


Digital Photography: Manual Mode

"Digital Photography: Manual Mode"

Tweet Hi, I’m about to share a beginners guide to digital photography. Hope you’ll like it. Being a newbie at photography makes us wander at pictures, even looking at pictures from the net put our jaws down and stare at it with an awe. But perhaps, I’m guessing that the best way to create stunning […]


EOS Rebel T2i : Canon EOS 550D

"EOS Rebel T2i : Canon EOS 550D"

Tweet Been busy for few days from work, i actually finished working at the internet cafe around 12mn but need to wake up before 7am, the reason why my hemoglobin result is low. And so, I wasn’t able to do some posts and articles during busy days. Anyway, last Monday, I bought a Canon DSLR, […]


Nikon D90 (What Hurts the Most)

"Nikon D90 (What Hurts the Most)"

Tweet I’m at work at the internet cafe’ and was listening to country songs by Rascall Flatts, “What Hurts the Most”. Kinda funny but, while I’m reviewing my previous posts, I saw an advertisement on DSLR’s at the upper-right corner. My attention was suddenly shifted to a thumbnail of Nikon D90. According to Nikon, this […]