Rafael Nadal Tried Hard in Match against Golubev

"Rafael Nadal Tried Hard in Match against Golubev"

Tweet The first competition as defending U.S. Open champion was only just a tour de force of Rafael Nadal. He would go down after in a set, after that return.  Go down after, come back. His serve was busted six times.  His shots did not have their usual deepness.  He wanted to save seven set […]


2011 US Open, To Be Led by Djokovic, Nadal And Federer

"2011 US Open, To Be Led by Djokovic, Nadal And Federer"

Tweet World No. 1 Novac Djokovic, defending champion Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are leading the men’s tennis at 2011 US Open tournament on the following month in New York City. Djokovic, 2011 French Open winner Rafael Nadal, five-time US Open champion Roger Federer and Andy Murray will lead the men’s singles tennis field for […]

Darren Clarke wins British Open

Darren Clarke, Champion at British Open

"Darren Clarke, Champion at British Open"

Tweet Regardless of how long it grows or even how fast, the list of major champs from the small country of Northern Ireland now would not be satisfied without Darren Clarke. He does not have the magnificent swing of Rory Mcllroy or the placing competence of Graeme McDowell, the last two U.S. Open champions.  He […]