Jackie Robinson

"Jackie Robinson"

Tweet Today, MLB or Major League Baseball is commemorating Jackie Robinson Day, it has been 65 years after Robinsoncracked the color barrier in professional baseball. All coaches and players is going to wear Robinson’s number 42 today. I actually cannot inform you anything you do not already find out about Jackie Robinson. Probably none of […]


Jeff Demps Will Play Football for the Gators

"Jeff Demps Will Play Football for the Gators"

Tweet A few days ago, no one was sure what Florida running back Jeff Demps was going to do: run track, or play football for the Gators. By way of multiple media outlets, the senior has put to rest all the speculation by announcing he will finish 2011 in a football uniform. According to Demps, […]

Colin Briggs Helps Virginia

"Colin Briggs Helps Virginia"

Tweet During the national championship game, Colin Briggs was not definite if he would find a possibility to play. In the semifinals the Virginia midfielder stood on the sideline observing his Cavaliers hit Denver.¬†¬†Coach Dom Starsia has postponed him before the Final Four for having a team commit a breach and was elusive when inquired […]