Technology is a Pain!


Blogging does not require us to be buffed with the latest technology or be knowledgeable about computers and codes and other stuff just to make our blogs look beautiful or so. Technology is not a problem at all, but handling yourself is.

There two things that you can do:

1.) If you want to handle things yourself, everything can be learned from the internet, tutorials and courses are available online.

-If you look deep into Google, there are websites that offer free tutorials. HTML, javascipts, or whatever things that can be done with computers. There are also free stuff like templates and softwares that are easy to use and understand.

or …

2.) If you don’t want to do things and make life easy (lol), you can hire somebody. Tell them what you want and let them do the job for you.

-You can always find people that will do the job for you of course with a couple of bucks. Videos, graphics, coding, or whatever…there are wiz’s out there ready to work and make your life easy 🙂

Thanks for reading and keep comingback for more 🙂

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