Tell Them Who You Are and Get Trusted


It’s always a part of my bloghopping to see and know the writers behind the articles that I read every night. I like reading them and trust their articles since they are not hiding behind and shows reality and sincerity of their articles.

Articles with the signature of the writer, or their full name are likely to be trusted than those anonymously written. You know why? meticulous readers sometimes think that this or that article is just copied and pasted because of the idea within. And instead of trusting it, they’ll just go with the original writer with the signature or name. Always remember that when exposing your bio, you are putting your skills, expertise, and reputation.

If your article contains the same idea of other blogs, it’ll be fine as long as you show sincerity and face them instead of hiding at the back.

Author Photo
Who would not like to see the face of the writer? providing a photo of yourself has also a big impact. With this, it will be just like an icon.

This is written by me, JP Manching (lol). Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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