Tennessee’s Pat Summitt Suffers from Dementia

s-PAT-SUMMITT-DEMENTIA-largePat Summitt of Tennessee prepares to coach “as long as the good Lord is willing” in spite of currently being identified with early start dementia.

In a report from Summitt released by the university, the Hall of Fame basketball coach of women said she visited with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., after last season and was diagnosed with early start of dementia, kind of Alzheimer -over the summer.

Summit said, “I plan to continue to be your coach.  Obviously, I realize I may have some limitations with this condition since there will be some good days and some bad days.’’

The status of Summitt was first reported by Knoxville News Sentinel and Washington Post.  The coach did not right away reply from Associated Press looking for comment.

Joan Cronan, Tenessee athletics director said that Summit first assumed her symptoms were side effects from medicine she was taking to take care of her rheumatoid arthritis. The resources on Rheumatoid Arthritis with Medscape will give you a grim understanding of how Summit’s comfort and capability had already been been compromised – even before the onset of Dementia. According to Cronan that Summit arrives to be feeling good after starting to find healing for the dementia status and talking openly about it.

Cronan said, “She’s ready to fight this and move on.  She had to come to grips with how she wanted to face it.’’

Summit informed the Knoxville paper she prepares to depend on medication and mental exercises to control the progressive status that tear down cognitive abilities sooner or later.

Summit said that the longtime assistants Holly Warlick, Dean Lockwood, and Mickie DeMoss will get on more tasks with the team.

She met with the Lady Volunteers yesterday to talk about her diagnosis.  Taber Spani, Junior guard said the meeting was professional, with Summitt informing the Lady Vols not anything would obtain in the way for the mission of a ninth national title this season.

Spani said, “More than anything she just emphasized that she’s our coach and that she wanted us to have complete confidence in her, and we do.’’

Summitt has spent 37 seasons at Tennessee and has 1,071 career victories and eight national championships as winningest coach of college basketball.  The Lady Vols has failed to achieve in 2008 the Final Four since they last won the national championship.

She met with local doctors after becoming worried regarding her health, and they suggested she go through more widespread assessment.  Summitt informed the News Sentinel that her maternal grandmother had experienced from severe dementia.

Dr. Amy Bentley, with Knoxville’s Internal Medicine Associates, said in a statement, “Pat came to us with concerns about her health and our preliminary evaluation was suggestive of dementia. Because of her young age, Pat was referred to neurology for formal evaluation. After extensive testing, a diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s was made and appropriate treatment was initiated.’’

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  1. Doesn’t he realize how Americans are suffering, or how big the US debt is? Doesn’t he know that the unemployment rate is 17% or higher? Or is his vacationing and this G20 summit the most important thing? Why does he need (practically) a million traveling people with him?

  2. Wow, that is definitely unfortunate for her. I sure hope she can beat the disease and continue doing what she loves and is good at. In any case, she has surely had a long and fruitful career regardless.

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