Texas Stars in the Big 12 Conference with New Network

espn-texas-longhorn-tv-network-logo_large_crop_340x234All eyes are on Texas in the slimmed-down Big 12 Conference, even for different reasons.

The Longhorns’ football team is coming off its first losing season in 13 years under coach Mack Brown, who has latest offensive and defensive coordinators and is still uncertain who will be his beginning quarterback.

What is as well being observed by other Big 12 teams is how much further publicity and possible benefit, Texas will have when its 24-hour cable TV network made by ESPN debuts next month.

According to Bill Byrne, Texas A&M athletic director, who had been worrying about the Longhorn Network that athletic directors and Big 12 staff will be meeting “within the next few weeks” to discuss about the new network along with rumors that high school football games would be a portion of the programming.

Byrne added that he had been counseled that he “should play nice and not say any more.”

Gary Pinkel, Missouri coach, said, “It’s a lack of common sense there to think that the network, the university network, can have high school games.”

Presidents of NCAA can as well address such issues throughout a retreat following month in Indianapolis.

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