The King: Content

All bloggers in the blogosphere agrees Content is King because this will make your blog known. You should have your own unique content, never try to copy and use somebody’s content or article to your blog. If you read a blog that you think would make your blog known then just make your own content and get some ideas on their posts but never copy than and paste it in your blog. That is forbidden in the blogging world.

Any content will do as long as you made it, you don’t offend others, and you don’t violate any conditions.

  • Content doesn’t have to be long to impress others that you can really write. That is not the basis of it, long contents or articles may tell others that you are a good writer but not all of the readers read blogs up to the end.

Think also of the readers that prefers short and direct-to-the-point blogs or articles. Putting many flowery words and sentences on your posts just makes it boring.

  • You just have to be direct, write about the exact details, put some pictures showing real proofs and explain it briefly.
  • Do not use hard-to-understand words, aim to those words that majority of the readers can comprehend.


  • One way of making a unique content, write something like you are talking to your readers. Make questions, ask them directly and let them engage to your posts. Write what you think about a certain thing, do not be afraid if you think you are wrong. This is why you have to make your readers engage to your posts so you will know what they think and by gathering their ideas you will surely come up with the right one.
  • Try to build a community around your blog to keep visitors coming back.
  • And lastly, have fun and make use of everything that will broaden up your knowledge about your interest.

(Any corrections, suggestions, and comments are very much appreciated.) 6hq9kwmbc8

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