The Starting Point: Starting a Blog

the starting point

As we all know blog is just like a diary. Experiences, interests, and anything that we want to write and let people know. But as time goes by, blogging evolved into something that people are using this to earn money.

Some people say blog is for writers only, people who are naturally and born with special writing talents, but I think it’s not. Blogging is for everyone, good writers and even to those who aspires to be a writer. Like me, I am not a good writer but I am trying to develop my writing skills by reading blogs, news, and anything useful over the web. Through this I gathered knowledge on how to start an article nicely and how to end or close an article nicely.

Now, to start blogging. This will need practice, there are hosted blog agents on the internet that you can use to learn basics and any web peripherals without spending money, like, These are just few of the hosted blog agents that you can use for practice and learn basics of blogging. And as soon as you pin down the basics about blogging and writing you can move forward. You have to buy and it is vital to own your own domain, and purchase a hosting package (e.g. hostgator, bluehost, godaddy).

What is a domain and host?

Simply like this “”, “blogmatters” is your domain name. Words and a .com, .net, or .org extension at the end. It is not easy to think about domain, you have to spend lots of time for this, note: almost everything is in the internet already so you should have your own unique domain. But you can use your own name (ex.
Now the host. The host holds your domain, this will keep your blog up and running giving you bandwidth and diskspace online.

Having your own domain and host gives you more flexibility. You know why? It is because hosted blogs (, limits you in some ways. They have control on some aspects on your blog like the content and you don’t have a full access of everything, while having your own domain and host you are the God of your blog, you control everything, and you will have full access in every angle.

So after having your own domain and host you need to have a software or agent to use. The most suggested software is I think 90-95 percent of bloggers all over the web uses (note: is hosted but is not so you have to buy the host for this.)

(Any corrections, suggestions, and comments are very much appreciated.)

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