Tim Thomas Earns the Stanley Cup Trophies for Michigan

tim thomas brings home trophyThe Stanley Cup had some company yesterday upon its appearance in Michigan.

The Conn Smythe and the Vezina trophies were as well in display at a football field in Davison, the high school of Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas.

About 2,500 followers were at Davison High School stadium to salute the best netminder in the world and his record-breaking achievements, according to the report on New York Times.

Thomas said, “I wanted to say thanks to the people who always believed in me, even when others didn’t.  Thanks for sharing this day with me.’’

Thomas had an NHL-record .938 accumulate percentage, and, at 37, is the oldest player in NHL history to be MVP of the playoffs.

In the playoffs, Thomas had four shutouts – two in the seven-game series victory over the Canucks in the Finals – and 1.98 goals against average in the postseason as the Bruins won their first Stanley Cup since 1972.

Around half the population of Davison celebrated with the hometown hero who lifted the Bruins from perennial also-rans to Cup champions.

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