Tips on Finding a Topic to Write for Beginners

When you blog, you also have to keep up with whats hot over the internet. You have to conform to people and the web to attract visitors and reader. You also have to follow news and go through about the things that are people mumbling about.

There are lots of things that will help you keep up with the hottest trends.

First theres the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Search whatever you want, search things like you think and you know¬† that’s hot over the web. You can also go to google trends, it will display the hottest topic searched over the internet, and it is not updated everyday instead it is updated everytime.

Second, you can also use social bookmarking sites. They are also helpful to know whats hot and not on the web. These are the most popular bookmarking sites that you should use:

Last, do not limit your sources in just search engines and social bookmarking sites. You also have to be flexible and take a look on the other side, this includes reading news, magazines, books, other blogs of course even if their niches are not the same as yours.

With these, you will have lots and lots of ideas to make a topic with. These also helps you not to ran out of topics to write and will keep you updated.

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