Tips on How to Earn Backlinks for Beginners

Explaining PR’s first. One of the best way to earn a pagerank on google is through backlinks. Backlink plays a big role on blogs, by having more than 100 backlinks from various sites and the blogs with the same niches probably will win a pagerank on google. And having a high pagerank in google means great news and big bucks you know why?

The first one to appear on the line from the search engines has the highest PR, and people are likely to click on the first one since it is the most suggested site for the readers.

So if you have high pagerank the price of your site will increase too, and with this you can increase the price of the sponsorship and people will likely visit your blog daily or on a regular basis since they want to have a link from you too.

Here are some ways on how to earn backlinks:

Paid links. You can pay other people to put a backlink on their blogs to your blog. You just have to write a few words or sentences including your anchor text and send it to them and negotiate for the price or let them write statements and use your anchor text.
Tip: If you want to pay for a backlink, make sure the blog that you are going to have a link has a high pagerank (e.g. PR-pagerank 5 or higher).

Having 10 backlinks from blogs that has more than 5 PR’s is better than having 100 backlinks from blogs that has no PR.

Natural backlinks. You can earn backlink by people who link bank toy you naturally.  This is through friends that also blog, and readers of your blog who likes your content and wants to refer your blog to other poeple.

Beware of the spammers when you are in PR3 and above, they spam comments on your blog and will bother you everytime.

Checking Backlinks
Here’s a tool that you can use to check your backlinks, you can also check other blogs’ backlinks here.

(Just click the picture)

Simply put the URL of the site that you want to check and click the  “check backlinks” button.

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