Travis Pastrana Gets Foot and Ankle Injury

travis-pastrana-crashesAction sports star Travis Pastrana crashed on back-to-back “TP Roll” efforts on Thursday night in X Games 17 Moto X Best Trick, finishing the Pastranathon through its first affair.

According to medical officials working with ESPN, Pastrana, who was taken off on a stretcher and carried to a hospital for X-rays, broke his right foot and ankle. Pastrana was released from the hospital Thursday night. The damage will need operation at a later date.

The planned NASCAR debut of Pastrana this coming Saturday will be postponed.  He is as well out of the X Games.

Pastrana said regarding his release from the hospital, “I am sorry this happened and will be back in action as soon as I can. I look forward to Pastranathon 2012 at X Games 18.”

In the X Games, Pastrana has scheduled to fight in Best Trick and Freestyle on Thursday and Friday, fly to Indianapolis to make his NASCAR Nationwide debut Saturday, and after that go back to Los Angeles to fight in RallyCross on Sunday.  X Games 17 will be the first X occasion since 2002 that Pastrana has been out of medal contention.

Pastrana crashed while trying the corked 720 that had made him a gold-medal favorite in Best Trick.  Riders usually get one shot each round at throwing tricks, but Pastrana tried the 720 twice after under-rotating the first time.  His second try finished in identical fashion and he right away grabbed his lower leg as medical staff hurried to his side on the landing ramp.

According to Pastrana’s trainer Todd Jacobs, he will have surgery in Maryland on his foot, ankle and hand.  He previously had ligament injury in the hand from practice.

Jacob said, “No one is more disappointed than Travis.   He feels like he let everyone down and hopes everyone knows how hard he worked for this.”

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  1. I had to watch that on youtube as I missed the live show, pretty disappointed that it happened to Travis, was looking forward to see how he would fair in his NASCAR Nationwide series debut.


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