Troy Raymond Kills Self After His Wife Was Found Dead

troy raymondFormer NBA referee Troy Raymond shot and killed himself on the same day when his wife was discovered stranged at the Houston area home, according to the report of the police.

Police discovered Raymond in a suburban New Orleans hotel room with a gunshot wound to the head. He was a “person of interest” in the death of Leslie Anderson Raymond, wife of Troy Raymond, whose body was found last Thursday at their home in Spring.

Raymond was fired from his NBA job in 2004 after executives found he had told them a series of lies about his past.

The rookie referee informed NBA chiefs he had been in the Airforce and had written on his resume that in 1990 he played football for the University of Colorado national championship team, but the all the stories written on his resume was not true.

Speaking to the paper, two present referees – who wanted to remain anonymous – did not have warm memories of Raymond.

According to them, “He was a first-year guy who was here for a cup of coffee, and when he left the cup was still warm.  You hear the expression, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.  Well, he was gone right away. There were rumors about his dishonesty all over the place. That story about the Air Force had a lot of holes in it.”

Raymond has not been named a suspect in the killing of his wife and it is untimely to link their deaths, according to  Tim Holified, a Montgomery County constable.

One thought on “Troy Raymond Kills Self After His Wife Was Found Dead

  1. Is Troy Raymond not one of the suspect for the death of his wife?
    or he just only love his wife so much and he can not accept
    the death of this.
    His death is really a mystery.

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