Twitter: Massive Follow/Unfollow and Get Suspended

twitter suspended

My 3 twitter accounts with over a thousand followers each got suspended. I remember I was just using some tool to massively follow tweeple but all of a sudden I got suspended, then my another account, and then the other account.

As twitter becomes more powerful, so as the security and any other aspects to make twitter reliable. Massively following and unfollowing people will get you suspended because it will confuse the system, an account used by a person can’t massively follow/unfollow over 300 or 500 in just a couple of minutes.

2 tips that might help you not to get suspended on twitter.

Minimize on using following or unfollowing tools. If you still want to use tools, limit them like a normal person would do manually (maybe 40-70 tweeple a day).

Do not unfollow over 200 or as much as possible 100 in a couple of minutes, I have known some people got suspended already because of massive unfollowing. Do it manually or maybe limit your tool.

Remember: Patience is the best tool to earn followers.

6 thoughts on “Twitter: Massive Follow/Unfollow and Get Suspended

  1. It’s almost all in one time, that was really annoying. Well the one’s that left is my latest account and it’s getting a lot of followers lately, so I guess I’m going to concentrate on this one.

  2. Interesting. I was thinking how was possible that this trick worked for so many people, and now I realize it´s not really working that well.

  3. Yea, it’s best that you limit the tweeple (funny how you call ’em) that you follow every day.
    Maybe follow manually, it doesn’t really hurt, i do it all the time only organically (click by click) half an hour a day 🙂 then on stumbleupon and then on tumblr/wordpress 🙂
    It takes a lot of nerve and muscle to persist, but it pays of in the end.
    also don’t follow back everybody that follows you, look at their tweets, some of them are just great looking babes with only 2 tweets and it’s best not to waste your time.
    keep twitting with quality, people will eventually come to you on their own if you provide good content
    fvr´s last blog post ..13 Assassins (2010)

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