Want to Blog but Can’t Write? Then Read

Like other bloggers, I also started blogging without any ideas on how to start writing articles, but what gave me the idea to start writing articles is by reading.

I don’t like reading before, I get bored when reading long articles. Sometimes I just go and look for the photos because I am more of a visual learner but when I found out some things that are not true behind those photos I started reading. It gave more motivation to read and go through between the lines of every interesting articles hoping that I might find out something good.

“Build Interest in Reading”


Choose what you read

Choose what you read so you won’t get bored when reading. Of course you will get bored on reading those long flowery articles but your interest is not in it. So based on your interest, try reading articles that are related and with the same subject and push yourself up to the end. After that, I am sure you can build another idea and make your own article from that article.

Always remember

Always remember that you don’t have to be a professional writer or have the natural talent of writing, sometimes it is learned or nurtured. Practice makes it perfect.

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