Wilson Ramos Kidnapped

Wilson RamosWilson Ramos, Nationals catcher , have been kidnapped from his home country in Venezuela.

Ramos, 24, appeared to be contacted by four armed men around his residence in Santa Ines, Wednesday night, and brought away in a vehicle, reported by El Nacional, Venezuelan newspaper.

Ramos’ Venezuelan winter league group, Tigres de Aragua, also has verified the kidnapping with Twitter.

“This is sad, worrisome and true that Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped,” Katherine Vilera, team spokeswoman, said through Twitter.
Based on the Associated Press, judicial law enforcement officials in Venezuela stated the gunmen came into Ramos’ residence.

The Nationals haven’t released any official report about the kidnapping.

Many Major league baseball players, like Nationals pitchers Colin Balester and Drew Storen, together with Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain and  Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino also have sent messages or worry and assistance on Twitter.

“Extremely upsetting news about Ramo. Thoughts and prayers with him. Scary situation,” Storen tweeted.

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  1. He is not even close to being the first MLB player ever kidnapped. Do some homework next time. Even Babe Ruth was kidnapped briefly (on a foreign exhibition tour), until the group realized who they had, and released him in return for some autographs.

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