With Full Respect, Answer Your Emails Nicely!

Yesterday when I was roaming around blogs, reading interesting articles from blogs that I follow every day then… I bumped up on this broken page.I thought it lagged for a while there so I did not bother telling the author. But today, when I visited the site again it’s still the same. So I emailed the author immediately telling him about the broken page.


This is how it goes…
I approached him nicely, I introduced myself first then I told him about the matter. I addressed him nicely of course and ended up the email nicely.
After a few moments he responded…
He did not even open up his message nicely with a greeting or so. He only said “I fixed it.” and closing it up with just the 2 initials of his name, that’s it and did not even say “thank you”. I don’t mean like he should respect me that much but how I see he responds to his readers email is very annoying. For the concern given by the reader, it deserves a little return. Emails is one of the best and direct form of communication. It works on too many things, in business or personal. So what ever or who ever give a concern for you, a little return of respect like opening with a nice approach, giving thanks on the concern or so will do.
Be careful on answering emails :)!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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