Work at Home Limits and Boundaries

There are too many challenges when working at home. Maybe others can say working outside home has more advantage but to tell you it’s just a little, just a slight advantage.

Working outside home can be more productive – Yes it’s true, but do you think working at home can’t be productive as that? or maybe more productive than working outside? That’s why descipline existed in this world.


Having limits and boundaries can lead to more productivity and happy lifestyle :). If you talk to people online while working there is a small chance that you can finish the article that you are working on. You have to put limits on it no matter how hurting it is not to talk to people online (lol), work is work.

The Time Frame

No matter how good you setup your limitations are boundaries if you don’t stick with it, it’ll never be effective.

No work related stuff on personal time. Set aside you work emails, IM’s or phone calls, or whatever that has nothing to do with your personal life. And, No personal stuff on working time. Turn off personal networks, games, and chores when it’s time to work.

So what do you think? Is there anything that you want to add? I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

5 thoughts on “Work at Home Limits and Boundaries

  1. I agree alan, there are just some things that pulls attention even if it’s not that important. Discipline helps us focus on work and become even more productive.

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