World Cup One-Year Celebration Gets Delayed

South African for World CupOrganizers of South African for World Cup of 2010 have postponed a one-year anniversary commemoration out of admiration for an anti-apartheid experienced person who died previous week and will be buried on Saturday.

Danny Jordaan, organizing committee chief executive, says that at the same time as. South Africans will this weekend reproduce “with great pride” on first World Cup of Africa which kicked off previous year on Saturday, authorized celebrations will now be held this coming July.

The widow of Nelson Mandela’s political mentor, Albertina Sisulu died previous week with the age of 92 and will be honored with a state memorial service.

As economists go on to fight the victory of the World Cup for South Africa, Jordaan says it “was FIFA’s best ever, its most commercially successful ever and arguably its most socially important ever.”

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