World Series: Cardinals and Texas Rangers Forces Game 7

It is possible to numerologist? Six could be the number so excellent at mixing up World Series magic, and also the game which has midwifed a lot of memories. Make roomDon Denkinger, Carlton Fisk, and Joe Carter; time for you to toss yet another classic to the pile.

As soon as the Texas Rangers had lost their 5th lead in Thursday, you realized this evening would certainly should be in the Game 6 pantheon. When the St. Louis Cardinals had twice preserved their season right after getting right down to their final strike, then took tht win in the 11th having a centerfield shot by David Freese.

And it’s also a higher bar, Game 6. If the World Series will get that far, take notice. Pretty good possibility something unforgettable is going to happen, and never always one of the most pleasant.

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