You Don’t Have to Compete with Bloggers

There millions of blog today, talking with various niches, having thousands or millions of daily readers and here you are, starting to make a blog, trying as hard as you can to be heard.

“Hey xxxx is there writing and already an expert with this niche, who needs my opinions?”

You don’t have to compete with them! Eventually somebody will listen to you, somebody will land on your blog and will read every bit of your article. I believe every blogger can make a unique thought, can deliver a common subject with new ideas. There are thousands of blogs talking about making riches, yes it’s common but they are all making money co’z you know what? Somebody listened to them in spite of the existence of more popular blogs talking about making riches.

If you think of competing them you’ll get drowned. If you are new to blogging, competing with a blog running for 4 years is like swimming trying to chase a speed boat. Don’t worry about the competition, make your own way and don’t stop.

What you have to do with other blogs? Read them, put comment and attract fellow readers, revise ideas and….make your own article! Simple!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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